In my opinion, having remote access to your desktop or laptop computers from your Android tablet is a must-have feature for all tablet owners. While there are several ways to do this, Splashtop is among the best. The thing is, the tablet optimized version (as well as the Tegra 3 version) is a bit on the pricey side. For a limited time, however, the Splashtop team has slashed the prices of their remote desktop apps in the Play Store.

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For the rest of today and tomorrow, you can score either the HD version of Splashtop or the THD version for a mere $4.99. When the price of these apps is normally $20, that's a pretty hefty savings (75%, to be exact). While the HD version is a fantastic addition to any tablet and provides excellent remote support, the THD version - which is specifically designed for Tegra 3-powered tablets - is really great for gamers.

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ST THD offers integrated support for games like Skyrim, so you can use your desktop machine's power to run the game, but actually play it on your tablet. Not only that, but it also features intuitive touch-controls designed specifically for gaming. Pretty rad, no?

If, however, you just need to simply access your Windows machines from your phone, the regular version of Splashtop has also taken a price cut down to $1.99 (normally $10).

If you're ready for some remote access action, hit the appropriate widget below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(