Spacetime Studios, creator of hit game Pocket Legends, has released a new MMO for those of you who want to role play on the go: Dark Legends. In this vampire-themed game, you play as a demon of the night on the run as the world of humans has suddenly figured out that vampires are real. Apparently, in this world, smashing trucks, killing wildlife, and large-scale battles with wolves will inevitably end up on YouTube. Yes, what I'm saying is this game is more believable than Twilight*.

While vampire purists may still dislike some elements of the story (these vampires have superhuman speed and strength for example, but then who doesn't these days?), there's plenty of bloody human-hunting to go around. You're at war for your race's very survival in this game, after all. Said game, by the way, is free to play and all players join a single server set so, thankfully, you won't have to roll new characters on a bunch of different servers in order to play with friends.

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The game is available now on the Play Store, so go grab it before I make another Twilight joke.

*Note: Not that hard.

Dark Legends
Dark Legends
Developer: Spacetime Studios
Price: Free+