Remember the InPulse smartwatch? Looks like the crew behind that nifty little device learned a lot from their initial watch creation, and now they've hit Kickstarter with a new project called Pebble.

Pebble is basically an upgrade to InPulse, as it offers quite a few enhancements over its predecessor. It has a 144x168 e-ink display, Bluetooth, a vibrating motor, and three axis accelerometer; it's also fully compatible with Android and iOS.

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It doesn't skimp on usefulness, either. Since it connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth, it can alert you of incoming calls, emails, and SMS/MMS messages; control most popular media players (like Pandora and Google Music), and has support for proprietary apps.  Of course, even will all of its bells and whistles, Pebble is still a watch at its core - a watch with a seven-day battery life (thanks to its e-ink display, no doubt).

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If you're a runner, cyclist, or golfer, Pebble has some great offerings right out of the gate for you: a bike/running computer, as well as a rangefinder for all the golfers. These were the first apps designed for Pebble, but there are many more in the works (if you're interested in developing apps for Pebble, check out the SDK.

While Pebble may be a Kickstarter project, it hit its $100k goal while I was typing this up (in fact, I watched it jump from around $60k to $85k, and then to $110k+ in a matter of minutes. Amazing stuff!), so it looks like this incredible little project is going to turn into a retail reality.

For more information, as well as a way to further contribute to the project, check out Pebble on Kickstarter.