We first heard about the all-plastic brother of the ASUS Transformer Prime, the Transformer Pad 300, back at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. While we were given the bulk of the details (including price) at that time, we were, as usual, left without one important detail: a release date.


Thanks to a bit of new information that made its way to Google Shopping last night, it looks like the TF300T could be right around the corner. The device showed up at retailer J&R, but has since been removed from the Shopping list. However, when The Verge contacted the J&R, they were told that the company expects to have both 16GB ($379) and 32GB ($399) models in stock "in about a week."

On a similar note, if you live in France, the tablet is now available for pre-order from Tablette-Store for €499, though the release date is nowhere to be found.

Either way, if you've been waiting on a killer Tegra 3 tablet that won't break the bank, it looks like time is drawing near.

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