While owning an actual supercar can prove to be outrageously expensive, with $0.99 and your Android phone, you can get the next best thing.

XLR8 1 XLR8 2

Indeed, 2XL Games has just released what might be termed the most ingenious gimmick ever: XLR8 (pronounced “accelerate”), an app that makes smooth, supercar-esque engine noises that cover up the dusty old cough of your own machine’s engine.

Assuming your Android device has GPS (most do nowadays), you can simply plug it into your car’s stereo, just as you would if your intention were to listen to some music. XLR8 then senses the direction in which your car is moving via the phone’s accelerometer and uses this information to make engine noises that correspond to your turns, accelerations, stops, etc.

You can make the engine noises sound like:

  • A classic V8 muscle car
  • A NASCAR engine
  • A Ford GT40
  • A Ferrari sports car
  • A Lamborghini Supercar

It should work on most any Android gadget, though it’s said to work best on devices with GPS capabilities. Thus, there seems to be no reason not to try it out; you know what to do with the info below.

Developer: 2XL Games, Inc.
Price: Free+