Instagram is so yesterday's news. If you're a fan of pictures with a little more life and movement, the folks at Cinemagram might have just the thing for you. Currently available on iOS, Cinemagram lets you create a fascinating hybrid of still images and video as an animated GIF right on a phone. One user that was quite taken with what he saw reached out to the developer, and got some good news back: the Cinemagram team is actively working on an Android port.

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This isn't the kind of app that fulfills a necessary function on a smartphone; it's just plain fun. It's an excuse to let your imagination run wild and come up with some magical images. Cinemagram will also serve as one of those instantly impressive apps you can use to show off your phone. The Cinemagram site offers a selection of some of the best images made by users, and this is some mind-bending stuff.

Cinemagram makes these bizarre but amazing images by having users take a still snapshot, then filming a short video clip. By combining the two files, the app will animate a small area of the image and spit out an animated GIF. The images use a lot of frames, so you're looking at between 1-2MB each. Cinemagram also supports Instagram-style filters and sharing to various social media hubs.

Cinemagram is free on iOS, so hopefully Android users will get a similar treatment when the app is ready. I for one can't wait to see what the larger Android community can come up with. We can be a creative lot.