Mobile gaming is really great. It's just that it can be such a solitary experience as you're hunched over your device, the light casting an unattractive pallor on your face. But don't worry; the classic Amiga shooter Battle Squadron ONE from Cope-Com just landed in the Google Play Store, and it aims to make your gaming sessions a more social experience.

In Battle Squadron ONE, two players can take the fight to enemy forces in a top-down scrolling shooter. Each player sits facing the other, and uses half of the touch screen to control their craft. The game interface on each half is unique to the individual player, so there is no problem losing track of which ship is yours. There is a single-player mode for those times when a more solitary experience is desired, as well as for those of you with no friends (don't worry though, we're your friends).

Battle Squadron ONE takes the retro idea very seriously, as evidenced by its strict adherence to graphics and sounds from the classic 1989 Amiga version. It's got bright, almost garish colors and all the pixel art you can handle. It's enough to make you think you've been hurled back in time.

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The app will work on tablets and phones, according to the Play Store, but split-screen gaming on most phones short of the Galaxy Note might be too cramped. Battle Squadron One is a little expensive at $3.90 in the Play Store. There's no trial version, but it's definitely a unique retro gaming experience on Android right now. Grab a friend and check it out.

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