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Featured App

Tasks N Todos - ToDo List Manager

Today's roundup is sponsored by Tasks N Todos, a TODO manager from Handy Apps, the developer of such well received apps as Easy Money and Tip N Split Tip Calculator. Tasks N Todos combines a pleasant interface with powerful functions, and supports both tablets and phones (see screenshots of both UIs below), including Ice Cream Sandwich.

The app synchronizes with Google Tasks using the official Tasks API, so you won't have to worry about losing your data - it lives in the cloud. Yup, that also means tasks are synchronized between all your Android devices.

You can create one-time and recurring tasks, drag and drop them, set reminders, swipe between lists, and slice and dice your data using filters and sorts. Widgets and backup/restore functionality goes without saying - what respectable tasks app would omit those, right?

Grab the free full-featured version of Tasks N Todos or go for the Pro version that adds a few premium features (multiple photo attachments, custom ringtones) here.

image image


Todo List - Tasks N Todo's
Todo List - Tasks N Todo's
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free


Babbel Language Learning Apps

Android Police coverage: Babbel Comes To Android, Helps You Learn A New Language From Your Mobile

I rarely get excited about language learning software, but the suite of 14 apps that Babbel released into the Play Store is too impressive to pass up. All the apps are free and offer additional downloadable dictionary packs, which are also free. Everything is polished and works really well. My favorite feature is the review mode where you have to repeat words after the app pronounces them, and Babbel will assign a score from 0 to 100 - brilliant use of speech-to-text.

Babbel released apps for Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, and Indonesian.

image image image


Android Police coverage: [New App] Instagram Now Available In The Play Store

Android Police coverage: Instagram Updated To Support Tablets, Wi-Fi Handsets, SD Installation, And More

Instagram – A beautiful way to share your world. It's fast, free and fun. Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with friends and family. Share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see - and follow your friends' photos with the click of a single button. Every day you open up Instagram, you'll see new photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] doubleTwist Alarm Clock Is Probably The Best-Looking Way To Get Woken Up Way Too Early

doubleTwist Alarm Clock is hands-down the most beautiful alarm app in the Google Play Store, following doubleTwist's history of simple, intuitive, highly functional, gorgeous apps, as seen with the doubleTwist Player media app. Gently awaken to your favorite medley. Or violently rouse yourself from deep slumber with death metal. The choice is yours.

Alarm Clock Features:
• Two clock modes: flip clock and analog clock, includes nightstand dim mode.
• Set alarm through one of two modes: Time or Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle helps pick optimal wake-up times to correspond with sleep cycles.
• Set multiple alarms.
• Set recurring alarms (weekdays, weekends, etc).
• Set a custom label for your alarms.
• Choose from built-in alarm sounds or wake up to your favorite song or playlist (requires free doubleTwist Player app).
• Alarm volume starts out quiet and gradually gets louder.
• View time pending until next scheduled alarm.
• Set snooze duration and alarm volume.

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist
Alarm Clock by doubleTwist

Woot Check

Android Police coverage: [New App] SeekDroid Developer Releases Woot Check, A Fast, Beautiful, ICS-Inspired Woot App

Woot Check allows you to watch the daily deals on Woot from your Android device. Our easy to use interface makes browsing Woot.com easier than ever. Sites include Woot, Wine, Shirt, Sellout, Kids, and Home.

Features Include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Daily item notifications
    • Customizable in preferences
  • Woot-Off notifications
    • Customizable in preferences
    • Checks for new items automatically
  • High quality images
    • Tap to see more images
    • Long press to launch in gallery
  • Battery efficient design
  • Tablet optimized


Seesmic Pro

Android Police coverage: Seesmic Pro Hits The Play Store - Removes Newly Implemented Ads And Combines Facebook And Twitter Into One Stream

Seesmic Pro is a key for the Seesmic for Android app that allows you to activate premium features and keeps the app ad-free. Download the Seesmic for Android app before installing Seesmic Pro. Along with all the features that you have in the free version of Seesmic for Android, you'll get brand new features to combine views from multiple accounts into one timeline. View Facebook and Twitter in one screen. Once you've integrated your accounts, simply choose the "+" button from the list of accounts and select which account you want to include in a combined view. No more need to switch between accounts.


The app was not found in the store. :-(


Android Police coverage: SparkNotes Comes To Android, Makes Studying Literature A Little Bit Less Boring

Get today's most popular SparkNotes study guides for literature, Shakespeare, poetry, philosophy, drama and short stories. Access online or download to your device for use offline. Check-in to easily share your location and start a Sparknotes study group right from your mobile. Check-in update will appear on the Place page, your friends' Facebook News Feed and your Wall.

- Access 50 pre-installed Sparknotes study guides in your library
- Hundreds of Sparknotes study guides available for viewing online
- Download any Sparknotes study guide to your mobile device for offline use
- Share what you’re studying and where you are by checking in with a customized post to Facebook

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Camopic Lite

Android Police review: [Review] Camopic Allows You To Send Hidden Images To Other Users, Reminisce Over The Cold War

Camopic lets you create and share pictures hidden inside other pictures. Only other Camopic users will be able to reveal your hidden picture.


* Use steganography to hide secret pictures that only Camopic can reveal!
* Share your created images quickly with the share button.
* View shared Camopic images from within Gmail or Text Messaging with the Camopic Revealer image viewer.
* Tap an image to flip it over and reveal the hidden picture behind it.
* Add a watermark so your friends know there's a hidden picture, or leave it off for top secret images.
* Set a default email and text message for fast sharing.

Camopic Lite
Camopic Lite
Developer: REPL Software
Price: Free


Tasks (what an original name, I know) is a gorgeous, ICS-inspired TODO manager that syncs with Google Tasks. Very clean, just the way some of you like.


Tasks brings the full Google Tasks experience to Android.

  • Sync with Google Tasks at the core
    Sync with Google Tasks is not just another bullet point in an endless feature list, but lies at the heart of the application. Our goal is to bring all the features you are enjoying online to your Android device.
  • Tuned to the whole Android ecosystem
    Tasks uses the modern design language introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich throughout the application. However, that doesn’t mean that we compromise on compatibility, as we made sure that Tasks runs on Android 2.2 or later. And whether you have a phone, a tablet or anything in between, the UI just feels right for the screen you are holding in your hands.
  • Additional Features
    Due date reminders
    Multiple Google accounts


Tasks Free
Tasks Free
Developer: Team Tasks
Price: Free+

Ultimate custom clock (UCCW)

The possibilities are endless.


Your clock, your layout, your fonts, your skins. The ultimate tool for clocks. Make your clock and more - the easy way. For skins visit website. Real fun is on there. UCCW features a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. For instructions Watch video.


UCCW - Ultimate custom widget
UCCW - Ultimate custom widget
Developer: VasuDev
Price: Free+

Alarm Clock, wake up guaranteed

This is possibly the worst named app in the history of all apps, but its idea is brilliant - it uses Wi-Fi proximity to figure out if you've rolled out of bed like you say you did. Whether it works right all the time remains to be seen, but the comments are generally quite positive.

Also, the video is total lulz.


Alarm clock that can only be switched off when you are really out of bed. The alarm clock uses the Wifi signal strength to determine your position. You will only be able to switch off your alarm when you are close enough to your WiFi router.

Alarm Clock Free
Alarm Clock Free
Developer: Sygel
Price: Free

AppBrain Ad Detector

Lookout's Ad Network Detector has a worthy competitor, and it's made by the same guys who built Appbrain.


Detect potential concerns of apps installed on your phone, such as Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam or privacy concerns. Helps you to get rid of annoying ad notifications (Airpush, Leadbolt) and bookmarks on your desktop. Find out what apps have permissions to access your messages or accounts, or can use services which could cost you money.

This app detects over 70 different aspects of apps, including:

  • Concerns such as Push Notifications, putting spam icons on your desktop, and privacy related concerns such as the ability to access your location, contacts, messages or accounts.
  • Android Ad Networks; this app tells you which ad networks are embedded in apps, such as Admob, Millennial Media, MobClix, Tapjoy, AdWhirl, Greystripe, InMobi, Airpush, Startapp, Leadbolt, Pontiflex and more.
  • Social SDKs; detect whether apps have SDKs like Facebook, Twitter4j, OpenFeint, HeyZap and more.
  • Developer Tools; detect libraries like Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, Google Play in-app billing, Google Licensing Service, ViewPager indicator, ACRA, Paypal and more.

AppBrain Ad Detector
AppBrain Ad Detector
Developer: AppTornado
Price: Free

TimePal FREE

TimePal FREE is an easy meeting planner across timezones. Do you find it mind boggling to plan a call or a meeting between people spread out all over the world? Is it too early for him and lunch time for her and dead in the night for him? TimePal solves this problem by giving you a simple and easy way to see all your friend’s timezones and find out the time that fits for all and email the meeting plan to them. Meeting planning has never been this easy and fun! Give it a spin with the FREE version which gives all the features for a limited number of use.

- Multiple timezones in an easily comparable planner view
- Easy touch and drag to select time range
- Create events in calendar (free version allows total 10 events)
- Email meeting time (free version allows total 10 events)
- Copy time range to clipboard (free version allows total 10 events)
- DST indication
- Sunrise/sunset indication
- No Ads in full version

The app was not found in the store. :-(


TwitchTV is the world’s leading video game broadcasting network where more than 16 million gamers gather every month to watch and interact around the games they love. We are leading a revolution in video game culture, turning gameplay into an immersive entertainment media experience.

    Watch your favorite streams over both 3G and WiFi networks, and switch between five different quality levels to optimize your stream based on your connection.
    Browse the entire TwitchTV network of live streams and discover gaming content suited for your tastes. Search specifically by broadcaster and even search TwitchTV by game to find exactly what you're looking for.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

koalcat's Clear

This is a clone of Clear for iPhone.


Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear, an amazing new app for list-keeping that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying to use. Clear is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind and works great with any list you throw at it.


Koalcat's Clear
Koalcat's Clear
Developer: KoalCat
Price: Free+

Pix: Pixel Mixer

One word - gorgeous.


Easy yet powerful photo editor. Create your own professional quality photos with Pix (30 filters, 24 film layers, 16 frames).

Pix: Pixel Mixer
Pix: Pixel Mixer
Developer: PIX2LAB
Price: Free

Marvel AR

Android Police coverage: Marvel's Augmented Reality App Hits The Play Store – Grab Exclusive Marvel Content From The World Around You

Explore the Marvel Universe with the Marvel AR App for Android. Download the free MARVEL AUGMENTED REALITY app right now and bring the Marvel Universe to life like never before utilizing your Android powered device. By opening the app and scanning select Marvel products featuring the Marvel AR logo, you’ll unlock exclusive content starring the world’s most popular super heroes-- including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and more! Go behind the scenes of your favorite comics, experience mind-blowing 3D action scenes, see new footage, get caught up on past events and more.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

MLB.com At the Ballpark

Android Police coverage: [New App] MLB.com Presents 'At The Ballpark', A Social Check-In App For Baseball Fans

NEW FROM MLB.com In 2012. Visit your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks and the new MLB.com At The Ballpark will be your favorite mobile companion. This official MLB ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with mobile check-in, social media, offers, rewards and exclusive content. Select MLB ballparks also offer a mobile food ordering component.

MLB Ballpark
MLB Ballpark
Price: Free

Cinemark Theatres

Android Police coverage: Cinemark Releases Official Android App For Theater Finding, Ticket Purchasing, And More

Download the official and FREE Cinemark Theatres app. Cinemark is a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry. The Cinemark Theatres app allows easy access to any domestic Cinemark theatre. The simple, user-friendly interface allows you to:

• Find Cinemark theatre locations via GPS
• Search for your preferred Cinemark theatre location
• Access your My Cinemark favorite theatres
• Purchase movie tickets securely
• View your gift card balance
• View ticket purchase history
• Search for movies Coming Soon
• Search for movies Now Playing
• View movie trailers
• Rating, Synopsis, Cast and more…
• Get information for the films you want to see!

Cinemark Theatres
Cinemark Theatres
Developer: Cinemark USA, Inc.
Price: Free


Android Police coverage: Hyatt Releases Official Android App – Find Locations, Check Availability, And Book Your Next Stay In An Instant

Connect to your destination with the free Hyatt app. Our new app allows you to book and personalize your travel with ease: 

• Search, find and book Hyatt hotels globally using location-based technology
• View and cancel reservations at any time
• Check-in before you arrive, check-out on the go
• Access weather, local time, maps, and turn-by-turn directions to your Hyatt destination
• Join Hyatt Gold Passport® and easily access your account details and track your points
• Add favorite Hyatt hotels for quick and easy access

World of Hyatt
World of Hyatt
Developer: Hyatt Corporation
Price: Free

Generate ALL the memes

* Easy to use Meme generator
* 100+ memes
* Your own custom memes
* All memes include examples
* Easy to share with other apps (like Facebook or Gmail)
* A wider variety of memes, including irregular memes (like Stare Dad)
* Filter to find memes easily
* Sort alphabetically or by popularity
* Up to date memes (.. and more will be added!)
* Works offline
* Free of charge
* No watermark

GATM Meme Generator
GATM Meme Generator
Developer: IDDQD
Price: Free+


Papermill is a simple, elegant app for reading your Instapaper bookmarks. It focuses on creating a great reading experience while utilising the best of the Android platform's features. Note: you need an Instapaper subscription account to use this app. This is a paid Instapaper account that costs $3 for 3 months and allows third-party applications (like Papermill) to get access to Instapaper's API.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Jump Desktop Free (RDP & VNC)

Leave your laptop behind. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. Jump Desktop Free lets you connect to one computer for free. It's as simple as that: there are no feature restrictions, no ads, no time limits and no recurring fees. Grab the paid version for unlimited computers. Jump Desktop is a powerful remote desktop application that lets you control your computer from your phone or tablet. Compatible with both RDP and VNC, Jump Desktop is secure, reliable and very easy to set up. A streamlined user interface gives you the best possible remote desktop experience on any of your mobile or tablet devices.

  • Easy setup and reliable:
    Jump Desktop is very easy to configure; anyone can do it! Just visit: http://jumpdesktop.com/go on your PC or Mac and follow step-by-step instructions. You’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Secure and built on open standards:
    Jump Desktop is a true RDP and VNC client with built-in support for encryption. It lets you connect to your computer using an IP address or hostname, if you already have RDP or VNC configured on it.
  • Powerful features:
    Unleash the full power of your phone or tablet while connected to your computer. Multitouch ready - pinch-to-zoom and two finger scrolling make controlling your computer easy and productive. Jump's multi-threaded rendering engine has been fine tuned for Android. Jump's VNC and RDP engine is one of the fastest you'll find on Android.


The app was not found in the store. :-(


Display and view your Evernote notes on an information board. Save time and productivity by reviewing all your notes easily on screen at the same time. Rearrange and organise your notes into one big note which can then be exported and shared. For example a tech writer goes to a gadget convention show and takes a set of notes using Evernote, on all the new gadgets on display. At the end of the day instead of reviewing each note individually, all the notes are displayed on an information board. Notes are arranged with the most important gadgets at the top of the board. A snapshot is taken of the whole board which is then emailed to their editor to choose which gadgets are published.

Developer: Tephra Ltd
Price: Free


zeebox is the new, social, interactive, immersive and amazing way to watch TV. It turns it into a social event: it knows what you and your friends are watching, and it lets you all share and tweet about whatever’s on. It also understands what's on screen and helps you find out more about anything you’re watching, in real-time: Rihanna, armadillos, the Olympics, whatever – with links (zeetags) popping up as if by magic as you watch. zeebox also helps you buy or download things related to what you’re watching, easily – apps, games, music, books, films, TV shows, you name it. It even acts as a remote control for connected TVs. It’s like a quiet, cool, well-connected and unbelievably clever companion, right there on the sofa next to you.

* See what your friends are watching on TV and invite them to watch with you
* Get the buzz, share and tweet about shows
* Play along with shows, follow celebrities, or get live stats for big sports matches
* Wonder at zeetags that give you information about anything on TV as you watch
* Buy products you see advertised or talked about on TV
* Remote-control your connected TV or TiVo box
* Best of all: it’s 100%, absolutely, totally free


The app was not found in the store. :-(


Great idea, but I wasn't able to find a single place in San Francisco that uses Zoomline. I'm not sure such place exists at the moment, but if it ever picks up steam, it could definitely become useful.


How much is your time worth? Is it worth spending $10 to save 40 minutes of your time to zoom through the airport security line? Is it worth spending $3 more to experience the "express" in express grocery checkout? Is it worth $5 to avoid waiting 35 minutes at your favorite restaurant, and just get the next available table? With ZoomlineTM, every second of your time is worth it. Get inside faster with Zoomline! Get the code, pass the line.

Developer: Zoomline
Price: Free

Vocalize for Facebook

Vocalize for Facebook is the fastest way to update your Facebook status on your Android device. Vocalize for Facebook allows you to update your Facebook status by simply talking, but there are also further options to provide even greater flexibility and control over your updates, including the ability to share not only to your own wall but also to one or more of your Facebook Pages, all at the same time.



The app was not found in the store. :-(


Zite is a free personalized magazine for your phone that automatically learns what you like and gets smarter every time you use it. Zite delivers all the great news, articles, blogs, and videos you want – and helps you discover new stuff that you'll love.


  • Zite personalizes your content automatically and gets better the more you use it.
  • Gaming and tech? Motorcycles, cats, or vegetarianism? Create your magazine your way with thousands of sections and a smart auto-suggest tool.
  • Interact with the articles you read on Zite by thumbing them up or down and watch your magazine get more and more personalized.
  • Get a head start on finding amazing content tailored just for you by automatically syncing Zite with your Twitter and Google Reader accounts.
  • Experience a magazine like no other – Zite will change the way you discover and enjoy content on your phone

The app was not found in the store. :-(

SmartShift Lockscreen

SmartShift is a dynamic custom lock screen and profile automation app that changes everything from lock screen shortcuts, phone settings to visual theme based on time, date, location and other inputs. Your phone will understand when it’s the time and place to work, play, or slow down and relax! For example, at home SmartShift might show you your video collection, twitter and Facebook status, then switch to show your music widget when you plug your headphones in. When you get into the car it brings up traffic updates and weather info, but switches off the wifi to save the battery. When you get to work it connects to the office wifi and switches to silent so your friend calling to plan a night out doesn’t disturb your meeting.

SmartShift also lets you fully customize your lockscreen through adding your own widgets as well as built in widgets for services like Twitter and Facebook, choosing different unlock methods, tweaking colours to match your wallpaper and many more. It comes with inbuilt themes and you can download more from within the app to give endless customization. SmartShift goes further than other lock screens by letting you define different profiles and assigning triggers to switch between them. It makes your phone truly smart, changing itself rather than waiting for you to tell it.


SmartShift Lockscreen
SmartShift Lockscreen

LockView Lockscreen

The days of endlessly clicking and dragging on your phone just to perform a simple action are over. With Lock View, you can make calls, read messages, take photos, and perform other useful tasks quickly and easily – directly from your lock screen! No need to unlock your phone and rummage through icons looking for the apps you need. Lock View gives you access to the following right from your phone's lock screen:

• View and call back your missed calls.
• Display and call your recent contacts.
• Read unread messages.
• Put any standard widget directly on lockscreen.
• Use the Quick Search bar to quickly access any online information or sites.
• Take photos with your phone's camera
• Drag the Mute icon to turn Silent mode on/off
• Unlock your phone as you normally would.
• Clock with time & date

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Marvel Events

Introducing the MARVEL Events app, a revolutionary new way to interact with the Marvel Universe on your Android device, live at events.

  • Get the most up-to-date schedules on Marvel panels, signings and appearances.
  • Read the latest news and tweets about the event directly from the app.
  • See the latest videos and photos from the event as it's happening.
  • Submit your own event photos to appear in the Marvel app.
  • Check in to the event and connect with other Marvel fans.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The Telegraph for Android

The Telegraph for Android brings you 24-hour coverage of major news, business and sports events. See stories from The Telegraph website and Britain's biggest-selling quality newspaper come to life with full-screen photo galleries and videos. Share your favourite articles and watch Premier League goals from ESPN. The app also features live football scores and top share prices and financial data from world markets.

The Telegraph Live News
The Telegraph Live News

Game PromoBox

Game PromoBox gets you all Video Game Deals from all major online stores and giveaways of your favorite game.

- Deals
- Giveaways
- Automatic Updater
- See deals and giveaways offline

- Steam
- GamersGate
- Green Man Gaming
- Impulse
- Desura
- Beamdog

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Android Police coverage: First Alpha Build Of Utter! Released With Limited Functionality, Goes By The Name Of (N)utter, Still Reads Your Mind

Watch the video of this incredible concept, then note that this app does nothing yet. If you want, get it now and follow update notifications to figure out exactly when it starts working. Otherwise, pass for now.


This is NOT utter! (not utter! = (n)utter!) featured on the YouTube video - it is a framework test application for those that wish to assist with the alpha testing of utter! The functions have not yet been included. PLEASE don't download it if you are expecting anything else or are expecting the application to be functional or bug free - it won't be!

utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)
utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)


Pick your sport, invite your friends and hang out during the live action. Love talking about live sport? Then you'll love PlayUp, the first mobile-based social network for sport fans. PlayUp serves up live scores and stats for all the usual suspects in International sport such as NBA, MLB, Premier League, NCAA College Sport, Cricket, World Football and Rugby. We also cover AFL, Hockey and much more. Best of all, PlayUp connects all this live sport to you and your friends, allowing you to instantly create private hangouts and message each another in real time around the action.

Developer: PlayUp
Price: Free

iHome Sleep

That's right - this app is made by iHome, the same company that makes alarm clocks, speakers, and other gadgets.


iHome Sleep is now for Android, too. Sleep for Android is the most feature rich alarm clock app allowing users to set fully customized bedtime and wakeup routines and enhance their sleep lifestyle with many useful features. Sleep to calm sounds, wake to your music, and read Overnight News, a summary of what happened on your social feeds while you were sleeping. iHome Sleep also provides users with a useful sleep log, and sleep stats so you can begin monitoring and improving your sleep hygiene over time. Sleep for Android also gives users a full screen clock, with custom photo backgrounds, and current and upcoming weather. It also provides Android users with a home screen alarm-clock widget, a quick way to preview an alarm or trigger sleep cycle events. iHome Sleep for Android is also a great companion to a growing line of audio accessories from iHome, the #1 maker of bedside clock-radios and docking speaker systems for smartphones.

iHome Sleep
iHome Sleep
Developer: iHome
Price: Free

Live Wallpapers

Whale Trail Live Wallpaper

A colourful and cute live wallpaper featuring animated scenes and characters from the hit game 'Whale Trail'. Need more colour in your life? Transform your device into the psychedelic and crazy world of Rainbow Land with Willow the Whale.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Steampunk Droid Free Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper featuring a Steampunk droid, rotating gears, animated lights, scrolling designs and interactive touch effects. The gears spin and track your finger movements. Touch the screen and the droid activates.


Steampunk Droid Free Wallpaper
Steampunk Droid Free Wallpaper

Gnome's Life Free

Spend a day with August and Nash in RadiantWalls HD - Gnome's Life Free. They say the busiest day in life can be held by only one life form, the Gnome. Tag along with both August and Nash with the following adventure:

  • Riding Trip: August and Nash go for a bouncy ride through the forest. Leaves will tumble down as they pass by trees and rolling forest turf.
  • The Dig: August and Nash are digging for subterranean treasures. Glow in the dark bugs light their way as crumbling earth falls from above.
  • Dandy Flight: Both Gnomes take flight on the gigantic dandy weed sprout. Watch dandy weed sprouts flurry about as August and Nash hang on for dear life

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Digital Smile LWP

Digital Smile live wallpaper, beautiful abstract interactive digital smile.

Digital Smile Live Wallpaper
Digital Smile Live Wallpaper
Developer: Xllusion
Price: Free

WTF App(s) Of The Week

Mushroom Garden

I wonder how many mushrooms the creators had to eat to create something like this.

Watch the video and tell me you know exactly what you should do in this game. I DARE YOU.

Mushroom Garden
Mushroom Garden
Price: Free

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