In a fascinating new video titled "Get to know the HTC EVO 4G LTE," HTC explains the ins and outs of Sprint's One X variant, from the conceptualization of its design, to decisions surrounding build quality, materials, and a pretty interesting explanation of the new EVO's soft-touch unibody form.

Senior Director of Advanced Materials Chris Porter details the EVO's soft-touch feel in the video, explaining that the device has a "warm, velvety, soft-touch feel as opposed to a harder, rougher, cold metal feel." Porter explains that creating the effect involves sand/grit-blasting the device's frame, followed by a light chemical etching process to remove the sharp "peaks." The EVO's design also utilizes around 100 custom-designed machine cutters, used to create exactly the right geometry and feel for each device.

Watching the video above, you may have noticed another interesting point – in the video, a dual-camera wielding variant of the EVO 4G LTE appears. Could it be an EVO 3D 4G LTE? The answer is unclear. Considering the video also features a number of other variations on the newest EVO, it could either be a slick wink to the audience from HTC, or just another prototype.

4-5-2012 4-42-03 PM upload

Regardless of whether it hints at a yet unannounced successor to the EVO 3D, HTC's new video is quite interesting, and provides a great look at a small sample of what goes on when a manufacturer undertakes the making of a flagship device.

Via The Verge