How many times have you thought to yourself 'you know, I have this super-fast device on a super-fast LTE connection, but my SD card is just too slow'? Even if you've never actually had that thought cross your mind, Samsung has an answer to this quandary: microSD cards that are four times faster than the current high-end cards.


These 16GB cards will offer a maximum sequential read speed of 80MB/s, which is quite a jump compared to the current high-end cards that are only capable of 21MB/s read speeds. Since they're so fast, they're being targeted at LTE devices, as the SD card speed is the last bottleneck left in the constant quest for the ultimate user experience. According to Wanhoon Hong, Samsung's VP of memory sales and marketing, this speed boost "allows consumers to enjoy high-quality images and video playback directly from the memory cards, which fully support the advanced performance features of diverse digital gadgets."

There's no word if these cards will work with current devices, when they'll actually be released, or how much this speed boost is going to cost - but we'll make sure to keep our eyes open for any new info.

[Samsung via CNET; Thanks, Deon!]