Whether you are trying to score a great deal or just read the product descriptions, you've probably used Woot before. In fact, there's a good chance you've already used the service on your Android device, as there are several Woot apps available in the Play Store. But Woot Check, a brand new app from GT Media, the developers of SeekDroid, takes things to an impressive new level.

Side note: Technically, Woot Check was GT Media's first app, but it wasn't anything special at the time and what you see here today is a completely rewritten product that benefitted from all the experience of developing SeekDroid. In fact, even the Play Store entry is new - it is not marketed as an update in any way.

The app has just about all the features you could ask for: access to a bevy of Woot sites, customizable notifications for new listings and woot-offs, and, of course, a dedicated button for the product descriptions. Swiping between the sites is a breeze - the ViewPager really shines here, taking usability to the next level.

All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful ICS-themed package that follows Google's Android design guidelines to a tee. This is, unfortunately, a rather rare occurrence, so it's nice to see a developer put some real thought in their app's design.

The developers are stressing that the app includes no advertising, even though it is free - and that's probably good for Woot, because it means you have even more money to spend on amazing deals on products you don't really need.

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