Ever since SwiftKey first hit the scene, one realization has become very clear to me: SwiftKey users love their keyboard. Seriously. Don't even try to convince those guys (and gals) that there could be a better alternative out there, because it's pointless.

For all the SwiftKey VIP members out there, a new beta just hit the SK VIP lounge for you to try. The next gen mind-reading keyboard brings some nifty features to an already nifty keyboard, including smart space, a feature that automatically detects where spaces should be in real-time. Contradictory, the SwiftKey team also increased the size of the current spacebar for those who just can't handle the thought of not using it. SK3 Beta also includes two new themes: Cobalt and Ice Cream Sandwich Holo.

There is also support for seven additional languages in this new build: Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Serbian; as well as improvements to some core components of SwiftKey, like backup of learned language data and improved auto-correct options. If you're still not sold, watch SwiftKey 3 beta go head-to-head with the current reigning champ of keyboards (in my opinion, anyway), the stock ICS keyboard.

The beta is available for members of the VIP community, so hit the link below to sign up and grab the download.

SwiftKey's servers are getting hit pretty hard due to the release of 3 beta, so it may take several tries to actually get through. Keep trying!

[Swiftkey VIP via Swiftkey]