They may not be available for sale yet, but Google would like you to know that the future is coming. Dubbed "Project Glass", Google has released some photos of what the now-confirmed Google Glasses might look like when released, alongside a video demonstrating how the UI might work. It's all just show and no tell right now, but it's enough to whet our appetite.

It's not quite enough, though, to allay our reservations. For starters, the glasses, while not particularly gaudy and actually somewhat stylish, seem to only have one tiny lens hovering over a small portion of the right eye. It's unclear how this is supposed to work. The video demonstrates an obviously-simulated UI that encompasses the entire field of vision, but the prototype glasses seem to be incapable of displaying such a UI.

glass1 glass2 glass3

It's worth noting that one of the engineers on Project Glass has a history with eye-based displays. Babak Parvis, an associate professor at the University of Washington, previously worked on a project that brought a single pixel display to contact lenses. Google's going to need more than a single pixel for its displays, but who knows? Maybe this team is exactly what is needed to bring an entirely glasses-free heads-up display to the world. Though, we're likely a long ways away from that technology.

Still, these aren't necessarily what Google will release. The Google+ post announcing Project Glass even specifically states that Google is looking for input from you, the lovely loyal users. While Google isn't exactly a stranger to user feedback, this is a pretty big opportunity to weigh in on what could be, if implemented properly, a whole new market of devices.

So what do you think? Too weird looking? Prefer contact lenses? Wouldn't be caught dead with any heads-up display on your face? Sound off in the comments. Then be sure to let Google know what your thoughts are as well.

Source: Project Glass on Google+