imageSimultaneously the most despised and glorious day of the year is upon us - April Fool's day 2012. The day we spend questioning whether anything and everything we see is real and expect a prank around every link. Click, click, rickroll, click, rickroll, image.


So, let's take a look at the best Android, mobile, and Google-related jokes that hit the web this year.

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If you want to contribute something Android / Mobile / Google-themed (let's not get off-topic here) not already in the list, feel free to post worthy trolls (including source urls) in the comments, and we'll put the best ones up. Again, stick to Android, Mobile, and Google, folks!

Google Voice For Pets

Google Voice for pets - Human/pet relationships will never be the same again.

"OMG I'm being followed by my tail LOL" - better get used to getting these.


Gmail Tap

Who needs 26 keys when you can have 2?

Ohai there, LL Cool J:


image image

And then there's this:

Morse Keyboard
Morse Keyboard
Developer: Reed Morse
Price: Free

Google's Really Advanced Search

It's, like, totally way more advanced, dude.

8-Bit Google Maps For NES And Beyond

Don't forget to blow into the cartridge.


San Francisco to Los Angeles


Googleplex battle arena. The green dragon will be slain!

SwiftKey Mono

I've always wanted a larger spacebar. SwiftKey's new keyboard app should do the trick.


O2 Introduces On & On

Who needs a charger when you can talk for 1,000 hours? O2's new On & On phone sure doesn't, if you can pull it out of your pants that is.


Google Weather Control

Ever wanted to go snowboarding in the middle of scorching August? With Google's new Weather Control, you can.


Google Racing

Why stop at regular self-driving cars? Google thinks we should aim higher faster. And hey, now if NASCAR drivers fall asleep from boredom after 250 laps, they will no longer smash into a wall!



Google's Jargon-Bot

Dilbert would be proud.


Google Street Roo

How else would you implement Street View in Australia?

image image

YouTube Collection

The only viable solution to idiotic YouTube comments. Thumbs up.

Google Underwater Image Search

This is absolutely incredible. Try it. NOW.


Chrome Multitask Mode

What could go wrong?

AdWords Planetary Targeting And Click-To-Teleport Ad Extensions

Excuse me while I market AndroidPolice to the fine folks of Raxacoricofallapatorius. Brb first though - grabbing some tapas from a joint in Madrid real quick.

image image

Searching The Future And Distance Past

Search for something on Google, say "android," and you can filter the results by Tomorrow, Once Upon A Time, Victorian Era, and other fun time slices.

image image image

Angry Birds Space... Skunkbird?

At least things can't smell in space. Wait a minute... according to Rovio, space has sound, which must mean it has smell too. Doh!


Toshiba Shapes

Toshiba introduced three new tablet designs: Oblong, Rhombus, and Amore. The video is actually pretty well done - props to Toshiba for putting in the work.


Apple Drops 'Thermonuclear' Patent Bombshell

Apple acquired a patent on the rectangle, TheRegister reports. Whoops, we're all screwed now.

Google Music Search - You Want "Beyonce" ALL THE TIME, Right?

Searching anything in the Music Play Store comes back with "Did you mean: Beyonce." It's hilarious until you realize that it's kind of unfair as it promotes the crap out of Beyonce and nobody else.


TuneWiki Lyric Service

No, really. Call Chad.


    ThinkGeek's Electronic Hungry Hippos for iPad

    Hungry Hippos, evolved.

    Ubuntu for Eyewear

    Don't call it an interface. Call it an inter-FACE.


    Google Analytics Interplanetary Reporting

    Reports are due in 2030, when local space travel should become more common.


    Google Analytics Musical Reports

    Why look at your Analytics reports when you can hear them?


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