Many AT&T customers have been chomping at the bit waiting for any word on when the upcoming HTC One X could hit the scene, and thanks to Best Buy, we may finally have an idea as to when that may be.

2012-03-30 10h18_34

The Double B has been taking pre-orders for the One X for a few weeks now, but even then, didn't tell customers when they could expect their glorious new handset to arrive. However, one customer recently received an email from Best Buy stating that the "release date for [their] pre-ordered item" had changed to May 6, 2012.

Since we didn't actually know of a release date in the first place, we're not entirely sure what "changed" about this, but that makes little difference now. Hopefully this isn't just a mix-up on Best Buy's part and U.S. users will actually be able to get their hands on this upcoming HTC beast in a little over a month -- but only time will tell.