The Tegra Zone is set to get one more amazing game next month, with the minimalist strategy game Auralux coming down the pipe. Auralux, which promises to have "every feature and more from the renowned PC game," combines the minimalist, otherworldly environment/music of Osmos with the real-time galactic strategy of Galcon for what looks to be a stunning experience.

Describing itself as "an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real-time strategy game," Auralux gives players individual units, each of which can only carry out one type of command. The player and his/her opponent start each game with equal resources, and are challenged to duke it out in a strategy-intensive environment where "quick reflexes will get you nowhere."

screenshot01 screenshot02 screenshot04

Auralux can be played in Normal or Speed mode, with an additional unlockable gameplay mode "for hardcore players." The only catch, though, is that Auralux is planned to be a "free to try" game, with "additional" levels available via additional purchases. Despite that however, the upcoming Tegra-optimized version of Auralux looks like a seriously awesome game, and will be worth checking out when it hits the Tegra Zone in April.

Source: Tegra Zone