Update:  The update should be available to all users now. Surprisingly, it's still running Android 4.0.3, and Face Unlock is still seemingly absent. It's possible that there was a bit of misinterpretation, since the original changelog was translated from Italian to English and ASUS actually stated that it was working on Face Unlock, not that it would actually be available in this update.

One thing it does bring, however, is something that Prime owners have been missing since the beginning: battery information, so you can finally see what has been chomping away at your precious juice. You can also check notifications without unlocking the device now, which is quite handy.

While this update may not bring anything groundbreaking, it does bring some useful features and enhancements. To pull it, head into Settings > About tablet > System firmware update > Check update.

Screenshot_2012-03-29-08-51-53 Screenshot_2012-03-29-08-53-30 Screenshot_2012-03-29-08-58-38

No, I haven't been playing AB: Space. There's no reason it should be using any battery.

Transformer Prime owners, get ready for a new update for your favorite tablet - it's coming... well, soon. We don't really know yet what it will contain and when it will arrive, but ASUS seems quite excited about it - enough to tease it on Facebook anyway:


If there is one thing I love, it's "awesome new features." But they better be awesome - otherwise I'll feel pretty let down after this much hype.

Update: According to ASUS Italy's Facebook page, here is a brief summary of what to expect with this update:
  • Market will be updated to Play Store (that should've already happened, actually), as well as Books, Music, and Movies updated to their Play varaints
  • ASUS Vibe will be updated from 1.0 to 2.0 with an improved interface and content
  • LAN Support via USB to ethernet adapter
  • Ad-hoc network support
  • The ability to choose between landscape and portrait mode when using HDMI output to a TV
  • Face unlock

The update should being rolling out tomorrow, March 29th. Who's excited?

Back to that "staying tuned" thing for now then - we'll let you know when we know more.

Source: ASUS

Thanks, Kenny Otero!