Amazon started pushing an update to the Kindle Fire yesterday, bringing software version 6.3 to the device. The update brings several new features/enhancements to the supercharged e-reader, including:

  • The ability to share passages and notes directly from books
  • "Book Extras" brings additional information, including description of characters, glossary of terms, information about authors, and more
  • Personal document archiving  for easy retrieval
  • Print-replica textbooks for students
  • New "reading view" for Silk removes images and other distracting content for easy reading
  • Movie rentals now officially start when you begin the movie, rather than when you rent the movie
  • ...and more.

Like past updates, this one brings many new features - but it also breaks root on the device. Fortunately, a new method is already available for anyone who pulls the update and wishes to re-root their device.

In order to root your Fire on version 6.3, you'll need to have fastboot and ADB working for the Kindle Fire, along with a handful of other files. For more information, including detailed instructions on the process, check out this thread on XDA.

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