About a month and a half ago, we posted about a highly impressive voice control app named "Utter!". Siri competitors are a dime a dozen nowadays, but Utter! is a lot more HAL than Siri:

Want a add a calendar appointment? Tell Utter, and it'll take care of it. Get travel details, find out the weather, and launch applications - all child's play for Utter, and all done using native applications instead of just simple searches.

Actually, that's just scratching the surface for Utter - if you watch the entire 22 minute video, you'll see the developer, brandall of XDA, use Utter to set his CPU governor (yes, it asks for superuser permissions), reboot into the bootloader, and even have a conversation.

While the app wasn't even available as a test build at the time (it only worked exclusively for the developer on his phone), he promised to buckle down and work on getting something together that was of releasable quality.

Since then, developer brandall has been hard at work on Utter! and has been keeping everyone well-informed and questions well-addressed in the app's thread on XDA. And now he's released a "SUPER-PRE-PRE-ALPHA."

Hi folks, I won't bore you with the details of where I am with the funding, instead I'm going to post where I got up to with the test apk - I may as well throw it out there and give me some feeling of progress!

PLEASE be aware - it has NO functionality! It has NO consideration to the UI! It is NOT utter! It is therefore (n)utter! Yup...

It is a basic listen and speak framework that I will gradually (depending on funding!) build functionality into once I've caught the very basic bugs.

So if you do fancy testing something for me, give it a run and let me know that it doesn't crash! If it's good to go, I'll implement one feature at a time until things speed up with outside assistance... Whenever that may be...

Anyway, thanks in advance!

nutter1 nutter2

So far, it seems like the majority of people that install the app come away highly impressed, despite the very limited functionality. That's not to say there aren't any issues - after all, this is the very first publicly released version of the app, so there are certainly bugs. Still, it's fun to be able to use it and see the underpinnings of the app in action.

To give (n)utter! a whirl for yourself, download the app from the Play Store or the APK can be found here.

utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)
utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)
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