Despite what many people think, Google Docs is not the only online-based office suite. In fact, some may say that a few of the others - like Zoho Office, for example - are even more full-featured than GDocs.

If you've been thinking about leaving El Goog behind and jumping over to Zoho's house, but the lack of an Android app has been the deciding factor that kept you from making the leap, we have good news: ZOHO Docs is finally available on Android.

docs1 docs2 docs3

ZDocs looks strikingly like to GDocs, which should aid in making the transition into the new home for all of your on-the-go office needs a quick and easy one. The app features access to all of your Zoho documents for viewing, including those created with Writer, Sheet, Show, and Docs. You can also upload images directly from your mobile to Zoho Docs, as well as search for documents.

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If the arrival of ZDocs just isn't enough, Zoho also released Zoho CRM to the Play Store. ZCRM allows you to access all of your contacts, accounts, potentials, leads, tasks, events, cases, and call logs directly from your mobile device. It also offers the ability to view, create, edit, and delete records; have offline access to customer info, add and modify customer data, as well as search and call contacts in a snap.

Both apps are free in the Store, so hit the widgets below to grab them.

Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing
Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing