You might not have heard about Card Case. It's not the most popular of Square's innovative services, but it's worth just as much attention for the average consumer. Now that it's getting a facelift, it's a good time to revisit the concept. Pay With Square (as it's now known) is an app that allows you to create and maintain tabs at local businesses by simply giving the retailer your name.

To answer your first question, no there's not a lot of places that support this payment method just yet. However, the app does have a built-in directory of the places that do support it, which is handy for new payment methods. You can also elect to auto-start tabs, if you want to completely minimize the effort exerted at the register.

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Of course, the only downside to being able to tell a cashier to "put it on Ravenscraft" is that if you happen to have any doppelgangers in your vicinity (or if you leave auto-open tabs on for the places you frequent), then you're putting an awful lot of trust in the ability of retail employees to recognize you by the photo you upload to your Square account (which is mandatory as it is used as a form of ID). It'd be nice to see some of the more public establishments implement a PIN or codeword or something that makes it at least a little more tangibly secure than just trusting confusion won't naturally happen (fun fact: it always does). Still, the chances that someone who looks like you, knows your name, and shops at the same places as you is pretty low.

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