Minibash, a 2D fighter that originally sprang forth from the Toribash community as a flash and iPhone game, recently hit version 1.0 for Android thanks to Nabi Studios. The game is a brilliantly simple 2D turn-based fighting game, in which players train, morph, and fight their respective characters - kicking, punching, and decapitating other players to progress through tournaments, or practicing in single-player challenges.

One of the great things about Minibash, besides its over-the-top blood-gushing art style and effortless online play integration, is that players can customize their fighters, selecting hair styles, body colors, and even blood colors, on top of beefing up the characters by adding or removing mass from the fighter's fists, arms, legs, feet, or joints. Fans of Toribash may recognize many of these gameplay dynamics, as Minibash is essentially a scaled-down adaptation, limiting play to two dimensions instead of three.

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While the game still has a couple of bugs to work out, it's brilliant overall and will make quick work of a few minutes of downtime. Plus, it's free in Google's Play Store. If colorful, bloody, physics-based strategic fighting sounds like something you're interested in, just click through the widget below and grab Minibash.

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