In the increasingly crowded market for Twitter clients on Android, another big player is about to jump into the fray - Carbon. You may know Carbon from its days on WebOS, but now that HP's mobile operating system is little more than an open source zombie, Carbon's developers are looking for a new (and more profitable) home.

While the app is already available on Windows Phone 7, that version is styled quite differently from the upcoming Android version, shown in the video below.

As you can see, Carbon is an app with a rich (and unique) user interface, with lots of animated flourishes on top of some recognizable Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich design elements. Carbon won't be the only ICS-themed Twitter client on the block when it comes time for the Alpha release, and it marks an increasing (and totally understandable) trend among independent developers to embrace the "new" Android look in their apps - which is something I can definitely get behind (I'm looking at you, official Twitter app).

One thing to expect of Carbon for Android that this video doesn't show, though, is a price. Carbon for WebOS was $2.99 on HP's WebOS Store, and Carbon for Windows Phone 7 is $1.99 on the Marketplace. You can probably assume it will cost a comparable amount once it's officially available on Android in release form.

YouTube via Google+