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A few days ago, a popular reddit post (heads up, NSFW language) drew attention to the fact that the Play Store looks like an absolute mess these days. And it's true - just about everyone on the team agreed with the statement. Liam (our resident designer) agreed so strongly he even went ahead and wrote a post about it, and even went a step further and by creating some renders of how he'd do things. Take a look at the current Play UI (top) and Liam's proposal (bottom):

play_1 play_2

play_liam_1 play_liam_2

We're curious, though: do people really think that Play even needs an overhaul? Or does popular opinion say it's good as it stands now? Sound off in the poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Does The Google Play Store's Mobile Interface Need An Overhaul?

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