One of the great advantages of using a tablet device is its display. Having a big, bright touch display allows for enhanced media enjoyment, browsing, and gaming. Logically, a large touch display should make heavy use of touch controls, implementing at least some level of universal functionality to unify the touch-centric interface a tablet display begs for. Looking to bring this idea to fruition, Good Mood Droid created GestureControl, an app that allows rooted users to control their tablet using a variety of multitouch gestures.

GestureControl, as you can see from the video above, allows users to hide Honeycomb's status bar in any app, at any time, and also allows basic system navigation using simple gestures. What makes GS even more impressive is the fact that users of the app's paid version can create their own gestures, which can still work even when the tablet's display is turned off.

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While the app works perfectly with Honeycomb devices, Ice Cream Sandwich support is currently in its Alpha phase. GestureControl's free app includes basic system navigation and status-bar hiding, while custom gesture creation is reserved for users who opt for the paid version, at a reasonable $5.00 price tag.

For those who tend to get tired of Android's status bar, or just want more intuitive gesture-based controls on their tablet, this app is definitely worth a shot. Hit the widgets below to grab the download.

Update: v2.0 just came out with the following improvements and additions:

  1. New action: Previous Application, default gesture - swipe 4 fingers left.
  2. New action: Next Application, default gesture - swipe 4 fingers right.
  3. New actions: Play/Pause music, Previous song, Next song.
  4. Fixed: was possible to execute 4 points gesture with 3 fingers on TF101.
  5. New device: I9001 (Tab 7 Plus).
  6. New device: Teclast A10.

GMD GestureControl ★ root
GMD GestureControl ★ root