A high capacity microSD card is a good upgrade for any power user, even if at first blush you don't think the space is required. From my own experience, I never thought I needed one for extra space - I always had plenty enough storage as it was, or so I thought. But then I tried rooting a tablet and realized I needed a microSD card to do so, so sure enough, I ordered one. And today, I have no regrets; I keep music on it for local playback (since music streaming can still be spotty at times) and a few movies and photos that can be swapped from device to device seamlessly. In short: if you're a power user, you'll put the storage to good use - even if you don't think you need it.

Which brings us to today's Amazon Gold Box deal of the day:

2012-03-23 15h14_25

A class 4 Transcend 32GB microSD card for just $24, and Prime eligible to boot. This is an awesome price for a mSD card of this capacity - in fact, the last time we featured a 32GB microSD card, it was class 10 and cost $40. In other words, if you're in the market, now's a great chance to snag one for cheap!

[Source: Amazon]