We share most funny videos via our social accounts (you're following, right?), but once in a while a video comes along that is so beyond hilarious that it can no longer be the outcast doomed to bounce around social networks. It needs to be right here, on the front page. Such was the case with the best phone review on the Internet and such is the case with Mr. BPJ.

You see, Big Papa Joe loves Samsung. Specifically, he loves TouchWiz. Loves. BPJ is either a professional troll (if so, he needs get out on stage at a local comedy club) or is truly comical without even realizing it. Regardless, watch what happened on a recent episode of the Vergecast, a video podcast hosted by TheVerge's Josh Topolsky, Nilay Patel, and Paul Miller:

Watch out for these gems:

  • "There's so many ROMs out there. You don't even know, man. There's so many ROMs."
  • "ROMs for days, man."
  • "Exactly, sir. Exactly, sir. I put it on there, and you know what, man, I was so disappointed."
  • "My heart hurt. I need my Wiz, I need my Wiz."
  • "The ladies, the ladies love TouchWiz," - at this point I lost it.

The more I re-watch, the funnier it gets. That's what I'd call "timeless content." Thanks for the laugh, Big Papa, whoever you are.

Oh, and for the record, I actually like most of the improvements made in TouchWiz 4 (just not the launcher itself). The Dialer, the notification quick controls, the swipe-to-adjust-brightness, and other improvements complement stock Android nicely. Once I install a custom launcher, a TouchWiz-enabled phone beats stock every time in my book (in Gingerbread at least - things may change once I get ICS on the Epic Touch).

Thanks for spreading the laughs, @trsohmers