Ever since a hardware manufacturer went to a music festival to announce a video game about birds flying into space, the internet has been waiting for Angry Birds Space to launch. Well, the countdown is finally over, and Angry Birds Space is now stationed at Amazon's Appstore.

As per usual, the game is free if you like ads, or $0.99 on the Appstore for an ad-free experience. Amazon also has an HD version of the ad-free game for the Kindle Fire available on the Appstore.

Update: As usual, it looks like the Play Store only has the free version.

Update #2: The Premium version went live in the Play Store as well, though hours later.

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Ok, so maybe you're not quite as excited about Angry Birds Space as an awe-inspiring shuttle launch analogy might seem to imply. In fact, maybe you're sick of hearing about these birds and think they need to just take some anger management classes and learn to deal. That being said, at least this time the hook doesn't seem that bad. Angry Birds was a physics game, after all, and if you want to make a physics game more interesting, you take it to space. Hopefully playing with birds in space will be as much fun as real space is.

We'll be updating in a bit once we've had a hands-on with the game, but in the meantime, if you're still up at this hour and dying to get your hands on the latest and greatest from Rovio...seriously, go to bed. Or if you're in a non-US timezone where the sun is out, go do something productive. And if that admonition from an internet writer person hasn't moved you to change your ways, head to the Amazon Appstore for the free, paid, and Kindle Fire versions, or grab it from the Play Store at the widget below.


After a few levels, it's pretty clear this is a whole new approach to the game. Unlike the Angry Birds Rio revamp, this isn't just a skin pack. Birds now loop around planets and gravity plays a large part in how you solve the vengeful puzzles. The new physics aren't entirely intuitive, but they're unintuitive in exactly the way you'd expect. Few people ever experience zero G, so it's fun to experiment.

The jury's still out on whether or not this is enough to make you enjoy Angry Birds again, but hey, this is probably as close as we'll get to a completely new game from Rovio any time soon, and it's actually pretty cool. Give it a shot!

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Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space
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