Bookmark sync is one of the best features of the Android stock browser (and Chrome for ICS devices), but there's one major flaw with it: what if you don't use the stock browser (or you don't have ICW)? Well, if Dolphin's your default browser, we have good news - there's now an extension in the Chrome Web Store that allows Dolphin to sync all of your desktop bookmarks to your mobile, and vice-versa.

Setup seems pretty straightforward, but you need to have Dolphin Connect set up beforehand. After that, just download and install the Dolphin Bookmarks extension from the Web Store, click the Dolphin icon next to the Omnibox, and login to start syncing.

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The nice thing here is that this is a two-way sync. Add a bookmark on your mobile and it will sync to your desktop browser; similarly, add a bookmark on your desktop browser and it will sync back to your phone.

So, if you're ready for all of your bookmarks to be accessible when you need them, hit the link below to get started.

Chrome Web Store - Dolphin Bookmarks

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