Update: We've blurred out some information from the invite at Sprint's request. Excuse the artistic license taken. By the way, the announcement will take place in New York City and starts at 5:30PM EST sharp. Oh, and the blurred out part at the bottom said "click here." In case you were wondering.

A handful of media outlets have begun receiving invitations to an event showcasing HTC and Sprint's "latest collaboration," and if it's anything other than an EVO-branded version of HTC's new flagship device, the One X, we'll be thoroughly surprised.


What do we know about the Sprint version of the One X? It's codenamed Jet, and it will be running on a Qualcomm dual-core chip (S4 "Krait"), as opposed to the Tegra 3 chip found in the GSM version of the device. Oh, and it will have LTE - though questions remain whether Sprint will have any sort of usable LTE network rolled out by the time this device goes on sale (June is rumored). We can also guess with reasonable certainty that Sprint's version won't be branded as the One X, but rather as the next EVO device. Whether it will be EVO LTE, EVO X, or EVO Super-Deluxe-Unicorn-Blood-Edition, we aren't sure - your guess is as good as ours (personally, I'm liking the last one).

As far as other differences go, expect some Sprint branding and possibly a slightly different chassis design and/or color scheme. Maybe they'll do something with that awkwardly shaped camera bulge. We'll see a couple of weeks from now, on April 4th.

via BGR