If you've ever used the app Cocktail Flow by Distinction Ltd, you know that they take design and aesthetics seriously. Their new (and only second) app, Weather Flow, continues that trend and delivers what I believe is the best-looking weather experience on Android to date. And it's not hard to see why:

screen_20120320_1104 screen_20120320_1104_2 screen_20120320_1106

And if you don't like pretty pictures of wheat fields and idyllic dirt country roads, there's an alternative theme in Weather flow that I actually prefer:

screen_20120320_1106_2 screen_20120320_1106_3 screen_20120320_1112

You get a bit more information (the hourly forecast and daily forecast are both displayed simultaneously), and that beautiful ICS-style theming and color scheme. Of course, the other options you'd expect in a weather app are there as well. You can add multiple locations, switch between metric and imperial measurements, and of course add a (equally beautiful) widget to your homescreen.

Weather Flow does come up short in a few ways, though. If you're a weather-information-nut, it's definitely not the app for you. Weather Flow provides only one level of detail, and that's what your seeing in the screenshots above. You get your daily and hourly forecasts, temperature and current conditions, windspeed, and precipitation probability. Tapping on the forecast will get you no more detailed information - this is meant to be a "glance and close" application.

Personally, I like that, because if I'm actually looking up a detailed multi-day forecast, I prefer to do it in the browser - on my desktop or laptop. Weather on my phone is something I use for quick referencing and looking up conditions the rest of the day, not planning out my weeklong vacation to the East Hamptons, so this is an ideal solution for me. If you want a pretty weather app with more information, though, I suggest giving 1Weather a try (though I can't say I'll be going back after using this - I like it so much that I just bought it).

Weather Flow is available on the Play Store for about $2.

The app was not found in the store. :-(