Well, here's a twist for you. Apple Google has just banned Reddit Is Fun from the App Store Google Play Store due to "sexually explicit material." The author of the app has taken to (where else?) Reddit to voice his concerns and ask for advice in getting his apps reinstated. It may be a simple problem to solve, however.

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The move comes shortly after Reddit Is Fun received an update to version 2.0 and was split into two apps. The move brought a new UI which places an automatically-generated list of subreddits within glancing distance of the casual user. This list, naturally, contains some obviously NSFW content. Getting the app back in line with Play Store guidelines may be a simple matter of filtering these subreddits.

On the other hand, it might also be a matter of rating the app differently. While some obviously old app guidelines suggest that Google does not allow any sexually explicit material in its app store, certain other official Google documents merely require that sexual content in apps be rated as "high maturity" in their app listings. While the newer document doesn't suggest that "sexually explicit material" is now allowed (which would be a change in policy), it does seem to imply there's a place for sex on the Play Store.

Of course, no matter how the developer goes about solving this problem, the fact remains that it got banned, which is a big deal. Reddit has always been one of those sites that walks the fine line between permissible and illegal. The recent controversy over child pornography (which Reddit finally banned) is evidence of this. If an app can get banned for providing the ability to find NSFW content, however, Google has a few of its own apps that should see the business end of a banhammer.

Hopefully this developer and Google can find a nice common ground before Reddit blacks out the internet again.

Source: Reddit