Getting fit is a chore. Keeping track of what you eat, how much you exercise, counting calories gained and lost, I t can all get a bit overwhelming. The Fitbit accessory is designed to make the process easier by keeping track of how many calories you've burned while walking, working out, etc. during the day and logging on to the site to add in your calorie intake at night. Now, the Android app streamlines both of these processes.

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It can be difficult to keep track of a diet when you have to wait til you get home to input data, and the current Fitbit accessory, priced at $99.95, is a steep price to pay for functions that your phone can do nearly as well. The Fitbit app, therefore, is a natural fit. The app is free and allows you to enter food you've eaten, water you've had to drink, exercise you've done, and even search for meals within your calorie budget.

If you've been interested in Fitbit for your health routine, but the price has been off-putting, now would be a good time to head over to the Play Store and give it a second look.

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Price: Free+