Volume control on Android can be kind of a pain to manage, as there's multiple volume settings that need to be managed, but it's not always obvious what settings you're adjusting when. Slider Widget simplifies this process by placing all five independent volume controls, as wells a brightness control setting, on your homescreen in one convenient widget.

The widget not only displays what level the various settings are at, but gives the user a handy slider for adjusting each one without taking up a ton of space on the homescreen. The stock power widget (and the manufacturer variations thereof) generally only allow you to adjust the brightness to a couple of preset levels, and volume buttons only affect whatever volume level you're currently using. If you're in a media app, it adjusts media volume, if the launcher, ringer volume. If you want to make sure your media volume is down before playing a video at work, for example, you're out of luck.

sliderwidget1 sliderwidget2 sliderwidget3

The nice thing about this widget is that the sliders for each individual volume setting only pop up when you tap their icons, saving precious space on your homescreen. Best of all, this widget is free. Check out the widget below to get it from the Play Store.

Slider Widget - Volumes
Slider Widget - Volumes
Developer: hinterhofapps
Price: Free