An update just hit the Verizon Support docs site that details an upcoming OTA for the LG Revolution. Before we get into to the details of this update, (and you get your hopes up); no, it's not Android 4.0. Sorry, Revolution owners.

What it does bring though, is a bit of a curiosity. Listed as the solitary 'New Feature' of the device is the Verizon Remote Diagnostic Tool, a VNC-like application that will allow VZW customer support to remotely view and control the device for troubleshooting purposes, with the user's permission, of course. While I realize that many users will revolt against this type of software being installed on their device, I can actually see this being a highly useful tool to help those less savvy than your average Android geek. With that said, I do think it should be an optional part of the OTA, not mandatory.

2012-03-17 12h46_12

Aside from this tool, the update brings several enhancements and bug fixes (and, as always, some bloatware):

Device Enhancements

  • Resolved reboot issue found during operating system upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread.
  • Playing AVI video files through HDMI no longer causes display to flicker.
  • Placing an alarm on snooze while on a voice call will set snooze to 5 minutes.
  • Dolby presets have been updated to use loudness, bass and spaciousness to improve the user’s experience.
  • When placing the device into Airplane Mode, the 4G icon no longer appears.

Email, Messaging, & Web

  • Sending a text message to a 7 digit number will display as sent and received.
  • Improved device messaging to fix delays or incomplete sends.
  • Pressing the back key while browsing will take the user back to the previous page.

Applications & Widgets

  • Verizon Video is now preloaded.
  • Calendar widget now displays correct month for November.

The update should start rolling out within the coming days.