Samsung has been holding on somewhat tightly to any details of its highly anticipated upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S III. We've heard a few ridiculous rumors here and there over the past several weeks, but today's "leak" looks to be the most believable thus far - either that, or a masterfully created hoax.


As pointed out in this thread on Reddit, there are many aspects of this leak worth pointing out, beginning with the biggest hints of all: the date in the calendar and location in the weather widget. If these are to be believed, then we'll be looking for a Samsung Unpacked event in London, England on May 22 at 6:00PM to be the likely GSIII announcement date.

There's still quite a bit more than can be learned from this image, as well; such as the device's likely screen resolution. Judging by the five-icon dock, it looks like the GSIII will be packing a 720p display, as the layout looks quite similar to that of the Galaxy Note. Directly below the dock is a single Home button, thought it's possible that there are capacitive keys on either side that just aren't visible in the image.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the device is sporting a two-tone white/gray look along with an oversized speaker (or microphone?) grill along the front bottom and a dedicated camera button along the side.

While most aspects of this image appear to be very believable, there are still things that call for skepticism, like the fact that the image in the center of the display also appears on this site. That doesn't necessarily discredit the leak entirely, though; it could just be a stock photograph purchased by Samsung for appearance purposes and is purely coincidental that it appears elsewhere on the 'net. On the other hand, it could indicate that the entire leak is cleverly staged and its creator didn't anticipate that the source of the image would be discovered.

Even with all the evidence for/against this image's validity, we're going to take it with a grain of salt for the time being. Still, it's definitely one to chew on until we get something more official.

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