A flurry of cloud storage apps have hit the Play Store in recent days, with COMODO Security Solutions, Bitdefender, and Genie9 all releasing official cloud solutions. Each of the new apps puts its own twist on cloud storage, offering slightly different features, so it's worth looking at each individually.


Comodo Security Solutions, a respected purveyor of desktop (and Android) security solutions, released COMODO Cloud to the Play Store just a couple of days ago, bringing a practical, thoughtful solution to those seeking an easy cloud syncing option.

Comodo's cloud storage service for Android tips the scales among new cloud app entries, offering users 5GB of free storage, allowing for the upload of "any file," from photos to videos, apks, and more, adding special support for contact backup (just in case your contacts aren't synced with Google).

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The interface, in keeping with Comodo's antivirus app, is simple and intuitive, making cloud upload, backup, and sync a breeze. With 5GB of free storage, Comodo may be the most economical choice of the three new cloud apps, and maintains a tiny footprint, coming in at a minimal 1.1MB download.

Price: Free

Bitdefender Safebox

Bitdefender, provider of one of the most popular security solutions available for Android, has also entered the cloud backup game this week, releasing Bitdefender Safebox to the Play Store. Safebox starts users out with 2GB of storage space for free, offering paid upgrades "to meet the demands of your ever-changing digital life."

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Like Comodo's app, Safebox offers a cohesive, simple interface and intuitive functionality. Adding a refreshing twist, however, Bitdefender's solution can be set to automatically back up synced files the moment they are changed.

Safebox also adds easy sharing capabilities, allowing users to share large files with friends, family, and colleagues in no time flat. Stepping things up even further, Bitdefender supports multiple devices for each account, meaning all your devices' data can be backed up to a central location, requiring just one log-in from any PC or Android device.

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Genie9, the creator of Timeline Cloud, released another cloud solution this week – Zoolz. The new cloud service gives users up to 4GB of free space and, like Bitdefender, allows for easy sharing of large files. Like the other apps, Zoolz can sync with any PC, external/network drive, iOS device, or Android device, making it a very versatile solution for cloud access.

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Zoolz also offers some unique functionality in terms of organization, putting all your photos into a single timeline, allowing for chronological browsing.

Users can store virtually any type of file, and mark certain files (like music) for offline play. The app also features Facebook integration, meaning you can share your synced photos with all your friends at any time.

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In short, those seeking a new cloud storage solution got several new options this week. All three apps are totally free, and offer their own advantages, so they're all worth checking out. Just click through any of the Play Store widgets above to start syncing and sharing your files.