Jean-Sebastien Royer, a developer making his debut on Google's Play Store, recently released Kainy – an app that promises to allow users to stream games from their PC over a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection. The first problem that comes to mind with this concept is devising a cohesive and broadly applicable control scheme. Addressing that in perhaps the most logical (and ingenious) way possible, Kainy allows users to create customized control layouts for each game.

Kainy offers ~100 preset control templates, and allows for infinite customization, as well as accelerometer control where appropriate. For added control, users can connect a Bluetooth keyboard. The app also offers 128-bit authentication/data encryption.

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At Kainy's official website, the developer indicates that weekly updates are a priority, meaning the app will only get better from here. At $5.04 in the Play Store, early adopters will need to pay a bit of a premium, but for anyone interested in bringing PC games to their Android-powered devices for play just about anywhere, it may just be worth the investment. Click through the Play widget below to grab the app, and check the developer's website for the PC download.

Via Droid Gamers

PC Download: Developer Website