The team behind the awesome GO suite of apps have brought the functionality and style of GO Launcher to Android-powered tablets everywhere today (as long as they're running 3.0+), bringing GO Launcher HD out of beta. You may remember our beta coverage earlier this month, in which we got a sneak peek at GO's tablet launcher, and it looks like little has changed. For a launcher that aims to be minimally intrusive yet offer a ton of functionality, however, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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With GO Launcher HD, users can utilize the dock bar characteristic of ICS' phone interface, adding and rearranging up to 10 shortcuts. The launcher also lets users add apps and widgets to their home screen with incredible ease, arranging apps by frequency of use or name, even allowing users to rearrange apps within the app drawer.

HD also makes adding/deleting screens and uninstalling apps extremely simple – to add and delete screens, a user need only hit a + or x symbol. If an app is long-pressed in the app drawer, an 'x' icon appears over the upper corner of every icon, allowing for quick removal.

At the moment, GO Launcher HD doesn't support theming, but given its minimal footprint and beautifully invisible interface, it's hard to imagine a custom theme that would improve on the default experience.

Overall, GO Launcher HD is already looking great, and only promises to get better in future updates. If you're interested in treating your tablet to a buttery smooth, intuitive launcher, click through the widget below and grab GO Launcher HD free from the Play Store.

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