No, you didn't miss the memo - Android Police has been working, in secret (well, kind of secret), for nearly 2 months to bring you our first-ever podcast series. And we're calling it... The Android Police Podcast. Clever, I know. We've been diligently crafting it to make sure we get this right, and our first release episode is now ready for your listening pleasure (at least we hope it's pleasurable).

Seeing as this is our very first episode, we're especially interested in your feedback. All of it. I mean down to the nitty-gritty-borderline-OCD level. We want to hear the full spectrum - good, bad, and ugly. Really. This podcast is for you, our readers, and we want to make sure you're actually getting something out of it. Because if you're not, what's the point?

With that in mind, let me introduce two of the newest members of the Android Police team - Matt Smith and Bob Severns. Matt is our host-in-chief for the podcast, and will be doing most of the legwork getting everything organized for the show's content. Bob is our A/V man (well, just "A" man right now), working the soundboard and ensuring the show runs smoothly. You'll hear him chime in from time to time, as well. I (David) am acting as a cohost on the show every week, and you'll see other members of the Android Police team rotating in out of the lineup.

This week, we have as guest hosts Eric Ravenscraft and Cameron Summerson, two members of the AP team you should be quite familiar with at this point if you're a regular reader.

Anyway, let's get down to brass tacks. Right now, the show will remain a pre-recorded, audio-only endeavor, but we're aiming to go live sooner rather than later (starting with audio) so we can get all of you in on the fun as well. Topics this week include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Google Play
  • Apple offering settlements to Samsung, Motorola
  • Temple Run, Instagram
  • OverSkreen
  • Mika Mobile

And of course, a whole lot more. So get listening! And let us know what you think in the comments (we'll definitely be reading all of them). Just in case, here's a direct link if the widget isn't working for you. If you're unable to download the podcast from SoundCloud, here's an alternate mirror.

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