When it comes to the checkout lane, we're used to seeing some pretty outdated systems running behind the counter. Most PoS (point-of-sale, guys) systems are still sporting the classic black screen with white boxy text and are both outdated and impractical. Casio thinks that it's time to bring PoS systems out of the stone age, and what better way to do that than with Android?


The new Casio VX-100 is an Android-powered EPoS system that brings with it a whole new way to run the front lines of a retail environment. Since the terminal is running Android, it has access to a slew of useful apps and services, which also makes it infinitely upgradable as finances allow.


Not only is Casio attacking the front-of-house with this new system, but it also introduced a new ruggedized tablet built for use on the sales floor. The VX Tablet is both drop and splash proof with a suite of communication options to make running the sales floor a breeze. Battery life shouldn't be an issue with the VX Tablet, either, as it was "designed for extensive overlapping works shifts in retail."

The VX Tablet is expected to be available in fall of 2012.

London, March 13, 2012 —Casio has announced the launch of its new cloud services Casio Business Portal and the VX Tablet, its first AndroidTM platform tablet computer. This follows the recent launch of Casio’s VX-100 Android platform EPOS terminal.

The new Casio Business Portal will offer retailers limitless opportunities to take advantage of Android’s application-based platform. The business portal will provide retailers with on-demand, low-cost Apps and services, as well as the opportunity to trial applications and to roll-out with a phased programme. Retailers are free to create their own Apps, increasing ways to interact with customers, upsell, generate new revenue streams and handle stock control more efficiently.

Potential App ideas include mobile phone receipts instead of paper receipts, electronic discount vouchers and SMS marketing direct from the local EPOS device. Remote management of the VX-100 point-of-sale terminal can be achieved from anywhere in the world using automated email access.  Signing up to the Casio Business Portal allows a retailer to consider a packaged hardware and software solution, which is tailored specifically to their retail store requirements. Combining this with direct access to a wide choice of software integrators will provide a very versatile solution that can develop and grow with the retail business.

Benefits of the new business portal from Casio include

·         Providing retailers with more, on-demand, low-cost apps and services

·         A versatile solution with mobile hardware taking the POS to the consumer

·         Minimal initial investment with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

·         Retailers can add new applications when required, and as budget is available

·         Special customer promotions for upselling and attachment sales

·         Promotes customer loyalty and sales growth

·         It decreases operating costs and increases bottom-line profits

The launch of the new Casio VX Tablet will give retailers the power to take service direct to the customer.  Highlights of the VX Tablet include:

·         A tough ruggedized chassis making it both drop and splash proof

·         Large 10.1 inch colour touch screen

·         Full complement of communication options with integrated GPS for accurate positioning

·         Long battery life designed for extensive overlapping work shifts in retail

Computer tablets can be delicate objects; however, the Casio VX Tablet is rugged and especially designed for the store front-of house operations.

Guy Boxall, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Casio explains, “The possibilities of using an AndroidTM platform tablet in an EPOS scenario are almost entirely unexplored. Together with the release of the Casio Business Portal, this is especially exciting for the high street retailer today. As the consumer market has seen with mobile phones, there is huge potential for a greater range of EPOS apps and services to help the retail sector.”

Casio is already working with a good selection of software integrators within the retail sector and looking forward to meeting more at the Retail Business Technology Expo.

The new Business Portal and AndroidTM platform tablet from Casio can be seen at the Retail Business Technology Expo, at London Earl’s Court, 13-14th March 2012.

The Casio VX Tablet will be available in the autumn of 2012.