Widgets are one of Android's best advantages over other mobile platforms. Unfortunately, not as many app developers give attention to widgets as we'd like, which only makes us appreciate Beautiful Widgets even more. The famous clock/weather/battery widget developer, LevelUp Studio, is updating its suite of widgets with support for multiple weather forecasts and, more awesome than that, a web store for discovering/installing widget skins.

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Taking a cue from Google's Play Store*, you can connect your Google account to the Beautiful Widgets Skins Market and automagically send skins to your device over the air and apply them without ever touching your device. Once the app is updated on your device, head into the settings to select a Google account to use, and then log in on the web store with that same account. After that, download and apply skins to your heart's content.

This is a huge improvement over the old way of finding skins which consisted of a giant scrollable list on your device. The site also has a Skin Mixer that allows you to customize your own widget skin from a selection of backgrounds, text styles, and decorations, which you can then send directly to your phone just like any of the other, pre-built skins.

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Beautiful Widgets has always been a staple of good widget design: highly customizable, powerful, and useful. The new Skin Market, though, is a huge addition to an already great product. If you're not already using Beautiful Widgets, head to the Store to download the widget pack and add one to your homescreen to get started. Current users just need to update to the new version to get access to all the new hotness.

* Nope, still doesn't sound right.

Beautiful Widgets Pro
Beautiful Widgets Pro
Developer: LevelUp Studio
Price: $2.49