There's no doubt that the Galaxy Nexus is one of the hottest phones on the planet right now. As such, there are quite a few people out there rocking the GN, so how do you make your stand out in the crowd? Adding a case is always an option, but if you really want your device to stand on, you have to check out these custom laser-etched battery doors. There's even one with the AP logo!

2012-03-12 11.57.25

Yeah, that's my GN. Reppin' my AP pride, baby!

Created by our good pal 0mie, these battery doors are probably the sickest way to customize the look of your GN without adding any extra bulk to the device - and they look dang good, too. It's not just all about AP, either - he's offering some generic Android doors, as well as doors for your favorite Android blog (aside from AP, of course), like Droid Life, Android Community, And Talk Android. If you just want to show off your root pride, no problem - there's a door for that, too.

Update: I just spoke with 0mie, and he informed me that all variants will be available for Verizon devices with the stock and extended battery, as well as the Sprint and GSM variants. Keep an eye on his site for all the additions to hit later tonight.

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