If you've been waiting around for Readability to hit the Play Store, you've probably noticed that it's, well, not there. There's actually no word when it will land in the Store, but it's already available in the Amazon Appstore if you'd rather not wait.

Update: Now it's available in the store here. Widget added below.

While the desktop world races to create the world's most powerful browser, and even browser-based OSes, the mobile world moves towards simplicity. Stripped down article readers offer content-focused readers, stripped of page bloat, ads, and distracting sidebars. Readability, a gorgeous and until recently iOS-only content aggregator app is headed to Android on Monday, March 12th.


The desktop Chrome extension offers "Read Now," "Read Later," and "Send to Kindle" options. Saving an article will scrape the source for the headline, images, and body content and render them in a nice, clean reader. One nice thing about Readability is that publishers and developers can add Readability buttons to their sites, as well as build their own "full-featured reading apps." It's a little like a halfway point between Instapaper and Google Currents.

The app will land on the Android Market Play Store this Monday.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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