In the world of the future, where music is as easily accessible as air, the new bread and butter of the music industry is discovery. While services like center around small social gatherings, and Pandora uses fancy algorithms to predict your tastes, 8tracks asks "Um, hey, what was wrong with how radio worked? Also, do you guys like tablets?" The answers, of course, are "You know, that's a good point," and "Um, YEAH."

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8tracks was already a great service centered around user-created playlists. The idea being that people know better than machines do what good music is. Unlike, though, 8tracks allows all you virtual DJs to create custom playlists that others can then listen to. If you've been following along, though, you already knew that. What's new is that, if you own an Android tablet, your 8tracks experience just got a lot nicer.

The new UI is everything a good tablet UI should be. While listening to music, you have persistent controls in the lower left of the display while you browse around for new playlists, and 8tracks makes effective use of the Fragments system to display multiple panels at once. It's easy to navigate playlists and keep track of who you're following.

The update is live on the...*sigh*...Google Play Store now.

8tracks playlist radio
8tracks playlist radio
Developer: 8tracks
Price: Free