It's a known fact that people of all ages love to blow things up with undersized tanks. It's satisfying, destructive, and cute all at the same time - three things that the human heart needs to survive. As such, there are a few games in the Play Store that satisfy this basic human need with tiny-tank gameplay; one such game being Tank Hero: Laser Wars.

TH:LW is the sequel to the popular blow-em-up title Tank Hero, but this go around it incorporates an all new graphics engines that looks absolutely beastly compared to its predecessor:

The game also features two new worlds filled with interactive environments, power-ups, and speed boosts; boss battles, a new achievement system, and four difficulty levels. If you're the type who wants to best your buddies at every turn, there's also a new head-to-head split screen deathmatch mode for tablets so you show 'em what's up.

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The game will set you back $2.99 - hit the widget below to grab it.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars Pro
Tank Hero: Laser Wars Pro
Developer: Clapfoot Inc.
Price: $2.00