April 15th is right around the corner. If you're not one of the early birds that files your before Spring, your procrastination is about to pay off. H&R block has introduced a new app for Android phones that allows you to enter W2 information into your tax return by taking a photo of the document. Taxes just got fun! Or, at least, a little less tedious.

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Truth be told, it almost seems inevitable that filing taxes would become largely automated. While many Americans have investments, small businesses, or multiple sources of income that make filing taxes complicated, many aspects of filing are exceedingly tedious. In a world where we can sync nearly all of our data through a magical cloud, and deposit checks with photos, it feels archaic to copy data from a piece of paper by hand.

Oddly, H&R Block's new app is exclusively for phones while Intuit's recently launched TurboTax app is exclusively for tablets. So for now, you'll be choosing your Android-based app based on what device you want to do your taxes on. If you've got an unfiled W2, hit the widget below to try out the new app.

The app was not found in the store. :-(