The Amazon Appstore is a great alternative to the Android Market. It's not perfect, however, and today the Appstore fixes a few of the most nagging problems. Not the least of which is those blasted app installation notifications. For those unaware, if you install an app on one device with the Amazon Appstore installed, you'll get a notification that you have a new app waiting on any others with the Appstore installed on. Annoying.

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Now, however, you can dive into the Appstore's settings and select which notifications you receive, if any. In addition, the update brings some improvements to messages about payment options and improved app compatibility checks. We're sure you've been desperately waiting for those changes.

Still, the Amazon Appstore is a great alternative if you don't trust Google, like competition, or just enjoy a new free app every day. The only major annoyance has been how, well, annoying the app is. This update should change that. So what are you waiting for? Open up the Appstore and you should be prompted to download the update immediately.