As the Galaxy S II is one of the best-selling Android devices to date, it's no surprise that many users are eagerly awaiting an update to Android 4.0. Samsung has already confirmed that it is in the works, and we've even seen a leaked build of what it could look like, but we've yet to hear an exact date that users can actually expect the update to roll out on.

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Fortunately, Samsung Israel has taken to Facebook to announce that versions of the device in Israel - both unlocked and carrier-branded - will receive the update on March 15. While this is undoubtedly great news, the majority of Galaxy S II users will have to keep waiting, at least until Samsung announces a roll out for other areas of the world. In particular, U.S. GSII owners will likely have the longest wait, as there are several hardware variations between the carriers.

Still, it's good to see Samsung making timely process on getting the update ready to roll.

via Android Central

Source: Samsung Israel