The mind behind Stick It! and AirCalc has released another innovative app, introducing OverSkreen to the Android Market today. OverSkreen is a floating browser app, allowing users to browse the web on top of just about any app and move, resize, or close browser panes at will.

OverSkreen may seem too good to be true, but the browser has a robust set of functions. OverSkreen supports Adobe Flash (on devices running Android 3.0+), system-wide bookmarks, multiple instances (panes), various user agents, and "suggest-while-typing" URL bar.

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The only feature I can think of that would make OverSkreen better is support for tabbed browsing. That being said, OverSkreen is already looking like a great browser option for those wanting an extra dimension of multi-tasking. If you're still on the fence, it's worth noting that the developer is having a promotional 50% off sale to celebrate the app's launch, bringing the launch price down to $1.49. Just click through the link below to grab the download.

OverSkreen Floating Browser
OverSkreen Floating Browser
Developer: Spring Labs
Price: Free